Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nick's Raving Fans

Don't take our word for it… Here's what clients and fans say about Nick (and don't miss his video on YouTube:

"Thank you again for your inspirational presentation this afternoon to the EG Rotary club. You showed true grit and determination in your recovery efforts and hopefully this will inspire members to work hard to achieve their goals. I have already mentioned your story to one of my sons and that he must wear a helmet when snowboarding in the future. My other son will hear the story tonight."

Bob Mackenzie

"Congratulations on your fight back from such a devastating injury! You clearly have a story to tell, and the world certainly needs to hear it. The short video I saw on YouTube tells the 'short' version of your story, but nothing can beat the effect that you can have in front of a live audience."
Mark Brown, Macon Georgia USA

"I have just been reading your website - in particular your story from your dad's point of view. I can only guess how many people's lives you have touched and changed for the better - even saving them from disastrous consequences - all because of your own determination and persistence against the odds.

I wanted to write and say that your story touched me in a unique way. I am a Speech Therapist working with children. An area that I feel privileged to be in. Reading your story has hit home to a deeper level just how precious communication is. While I work with children who are yet to develop appropriate/developmental communication levels, my training gave me a glimpse of what it is like to have something, then it be ripped away (for one reason or another), and then need to re-train to have 'that thing' that everyone else seems to take for granted. It's admirable and inspiring when people defy the odds and refuse to live just an ordinary life.

Thank you for the encouragement that you share and the hope you give many people the world over. May God richly bless you in your journey as you continue to inspire, touch, and make a difference in other people's lives."

Sarah Tennent, New Zealand
Visit Sarah's blog about Nick Prefontaine --

"Thank you, Nick, for a truly inspirational and informative presentation."
Dan Pendergast, Warwick Rotary Club, Warwick, Rhode Island

"Nick Prefontaine gave an amazing talk. From being close to dead after suffering a horrendous snow board accident to then being told he would never walk or talk again because of his injuries; his internal drive to recover is an incredible story of perseverance. Nick's support for the Franciscan Hospital for Children is to be highly commended."
Patrick Burke, President, Middletown Rotary Club, Middletown, Rhode Island

"Nick, Thanks again for taking the time from your schedule to come and speak to our Rotary Club in Jamestown. You have overcome tremendous odds and have done positive things in your relatively short life. I am confident that you will be a catalyst of change. Keep up the good work and I wish you continued success in all of your future endeavors."
David Reardon, Jamestown Rotary Club, Jamestown, Rhode Island

"Nick Prefontaine's story of his recovery from a tragic accident left us all astounded as to how one could bounce back. Yet he overcame his obstacles with determination and a fierce sense of humor that is infectious and inspiring. I urge you all to listen to Nick's story and become as inspired by his message as we did."
Carol Bienenfeld, Middletown Rotary Club, Middletown, Rhode Island

"Nick's commitment to excellence has consistently transcended any human weakness, and inspires those around him. I recommend Nick to speak to any group of people in any walk of life, because his message is one of exalting influence. It was a memorable day in my life."
Patrick J. White, Dean of Students, Saint John's High School, Massachusetts

2005: "Your poise and your confidence before such a sizable crowd were inspiring... Your Story and your courageous efforts to complete recovery are very gratifying to us here at Franciscan and remind us why we do the work we do."

2006: "Your presence at CLAD and your presentation to one of this year's honorees made the event even more meaningful."
Ginny Sennott, Community Liaison, Franciscan Hospital for Children, Boston

"Nicholas Prefontaine, an emergency services patient, shares his story of the lifesaving care he received at UMass Memorial. Following his presentation, he was greeted by a standing ovation as most wiped away tears of happiness for the young man who overcame enormous odds against a full recovery."
"Building for Our Future," Special Issue, Messenger, The Employee Newsletter of UMass Memorial


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