Thursday, February 11, 2010

Believe... the Nick Prefontaine Story

Nick Prefontaine's life changed forever on February 5, 2003 at the vulnerable age of 14 when he had a life-threatening snowboarding accident.

When a life-changing event happens to us, we have choices in how we think about ourselves and how we handle the challenges facing us. Nick chose to turn it all positive and never give up on his path to success. The story he tells on this CD, several years later, will inspire and motivate people of every age and situation.

Be inspired by Nick's story yourself and share it with others.

•TRACK 1: Introduction by Darren LaCroix, Comedian and Award-winning professional speaker and film producer.

•TRACK 2: Meet Nick Prefontaine and his father, Chris as Darren begins the interview.

•TRACK 3: What was Nick like as a 14-year old, before the accident?

•TRACK 4: February 5, 2003 The day of Nick's life-changing snowboarding accident.

•TRACK 5: Devastating news for a father. How do you stay positive in the face of near death?

•TRACK 6: After the coma: My first memories and my first goals

•TRACK 7: Keeping my eye on the prize

•TRACK 8: Checkpoints to recovery: swallowing, walking

•TRACK 9: If I wasn't coachable, I wouldn't be where I am today

•TRACK 10: Kindergarten activities helped me succeed at my goals

•TRACK 11: The powerful goal to run out of the hospital

•TRACK 12: Gotta laugh

•TRACK 13: Environment matters even in a coma: ESPN, positive talk

•TRACK 14: They believed and so did I

•TRACK 15: Dealing with body changes

•TRACK 16: My non-existent brother

•TRACK 17: No recent memory so I started from scratch

•TRACK 18: From right-handed to left-handed

•TRACK 19: So excited on my last day in the rehab hospital 88 days later

•TRACK 20: Mom & Dad: ecstatic and nervous at the same time

•TRACK 21: ICU, then Rehab... now what?

•TRACK 22: What's YOUR 'Coke & a grinder'?

•TRACK 23: How will Nick's story help you with your challenges?

This Audio CD is guaranteed to transform your outlook on life. It will make you think, then think again, about your priorities and the balance in your life. You will learn ways to meet and deal with adversity as a stronger, more positive, and more successful person.

Be inspired by Nick's story yourself and share it with others.

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